All About the Bum Bulb

To douche or not to douche, that is the question…

And our answer to that age-old query is that douches of all types (and ages) are okay in moderation as a short-term solution. BUT, a more sustainable combination of our Pure for Men Fiber Supplements with a sprinkle of our new Bum Bulb will keep you ready for the long haul!

If you’re still struggling to have that light-bulb moment for how to achieve this delicate balance of readiness, fret not, because we got you covered from bulb to (fiber) powder!

Bum Bulb Basics

Generally speaking, before kinky time a fiber-rich diet and a shower are all you need to stay ready. But, if you need a quick spot check or have extra prep time to kill, then douching is fine (SOMETIMES!). 

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For maximum bum care, our bulbs are made for rinsin’ with their compact rubber design, detachable tip, and absolute absence of silicone, latex, phthalates, and BPA. When in action, we recommend using only lukewarm water in the bulb with an anal lube of your choice on the smooth plastic tip. A bit of water-based or silicone-based lube on your designated derrière area can further help it go in to get the other stuff out!

It’s also best to set up in the shower or over a toilet before squeezing the bulb, and whatever you do, keep it squeezed until you’re ready to release the water outside of the douche. Be sure to hold the water inside for a bit to give it a chance to clear everything out and then repeat until the water runs clear.

While waiting for any lingering water to pass, it’s essential that this reusable bulb and tip are washed with mild soap, air dried, and stored in a cool place without sharps or hot surfaces for longevity!

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Fiber vs. Bulb

When it comes to staying ready, it’s not really about “fiber vs. bulb” but more “fiber AND bulb”. 

A daily fiber capsules or powder regimen is the best way to prep and stay clean, especially when they’re made of natural ingredients to meet fiber intake needs, like our own fiber supplements for men are. Our Stay Ready Fiber is not only good for playtime, but it’s also great for daytime healthy gut and healthy heart realness without any of the risks of over-douching. 

"it’s not really about “fiber vs. bulb” but more “fiber AND bulb”

If you’re waiting for your fiber routine to kick in or had some questionable Thanksgiving leftovers in December, then a quick rinse with the Bum Bulb can help. Especially when done sparingly, and only with water instead of laxative solutions, bulbing and fiber-ing can coexist to help you stay ready!

Bulb for Play, Fiber for Slay

While a fiber a day keeps most things away, our Bum Bulb keeps the rest away. 

Despite its bad rap, douches are a part of life and they can be a huge lifesaver after a round of mai tais or holiday stuffings. When used occasionally with a daily Pure for Men Fiber intake, your bum and body will be ready for playtime anytime!

Stay Ready and Stay Rinsin’!



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