How to Face Your (Skin) Problems

Let’s face it, skin care takes work.

In addition to narrowing down all the viral face care tips, finding the best skincare product to use is like trying to filter through all the Harry Styles filmset gossip on Twitter.

That’s why Pure for Men has come up with a solution to all your (skincare) problems with our Face Care line specifically tailored for men’s skincare needs!

From Facial Toners to Cleansers, we’ll help turn your long face into a smoother one!

Tailor to Your Skin Type

Faces of any gender need products that can work with their skin type instead of against it, otherwise, it can cause damage or have no impact at all. To help with this need, all of our Face Care products are labeled and created for different face types including Normal to Oily skin and Normal to Dry skin.

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Our Normal to Oily Face Care Kit includes the three non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging) items you’ll need for your weekly skincare routine starting with an exfoliating Cleanser, an alcohol-free oil-reducing Facial Mist, and a daily lightweight Moisturizer. Our companion Normal to Dry Face Care Kit has gentle plant-based products including a hydrating Facial Cleanser, a youth-inducing Facial Toner, and a smoothening Facial Cream.

Pore to Follicle Recovery

With No Shave November fast approaching, you may be getting those last few shaves in before fall. BUT, while we support both shaving and beard maintenance, it’s important to be mindful of the irritation that hair growth, razors, and aftershaves can cause on skin.

From ingrown hairs caused by shaving against the grain to acne that’s irritated by pore clogging shaving creams, men’s faces go through it. To combat this, our anti-inflammatory and alcohol-free Facial Mist for oily skin, or our hydrating Facial Toner for dry skin, can be used as aftershave alternatives. 

"For men, face aging goes beyond how much kale they eat, but things like genetics, lifestyle habits, and UV sun exposure can accelerate or slow down time’s effect on your skin."

Additionally, to help treat acne and sensitive skin, we keep things simple by using the tried and true method—Soap and water. Well, maybe we use a bit more than soap, but a regular face washing routine with our gentle Facial Cleanser for dry skin or our skin renewing Facial Cleanser for oily skin can help restore your face back to its glory days!

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Action Against Aging

For men, face aging goes beyond how much kale they eat, but things like genetics, lifestyle habits, and UV sun exposure can accelerate or slow down time’s effect on your skin. While we would absolutely love to create a time machine or gravity device to prevent wrinkles and dark spots, we have the next best thing!

Pure for Men’s Facial Moisturizer for oily skin helps maintain elasticity with clean and vitamin-infused ingredients, while also not clogging pores or causing breakouts. For dry skin, our Facial Cream helps seal in moisture to reduce wrinkle appearance with a beautifully scented and non-GMO formula! 

Lastly, our pièce de resistance, otherwise known as our Vitamin C Facial Serum, works to improve dark spots, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and collagen with natural ingredients (including LITERAL gold)!

Stay Ready From Face to Fiber

Skincare doesn’t have to be a constant face-off between convenience and quality.

With Pure for Men facial cleansers, moisturizers, and kits, you can care for your specific skin needs using only natural and cruelty-free ingredients. Add in an extra routine step with our Fiber Capsules or Multivitamin and you’ll be even more ready to face anything from daytime to playtime!

Stay Ready and face it all with Pure for Men!

To learn more about skin care read our blog Face Care Routines for Men.



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